Sweet Sweet Vengeance. Rilynn Rae finally gets her rematch with Lyla Storm

Lyla Storm destroyed Rilynn Rae in her first match back in 2012 ( see match ID 25505). Since that loss, Rilynn Rae has vowed to avenge herself and beat down Lyla storm in a rematch. Today, Rilynn gets the opportunity to try to make her wish come true. To up the ante, we told the wrestlers that who ever wins gets to take the Loser into a “Public Disgrace” cross over. These girls go all out for their wrestling. One utterly dominates. One has no answers for the holds she gets put in. This is a sexual wrestling clinic. The winner violates the loser in front of a live audience then cleans up in the showers and comes back in to do EVEN MORE public disgracing for the loser ( that segment can be found on the public disgrace website)


Welcome to SUMMER VENGEANCE. Winner takes loser right after buzzer

What a way to start our summer vengeance tournament. Ana Foxxx and Lea Lexis have both had impressive showings this season. They have both shown great improvements since their first matches. We get some really fantastic wrestling today. We also get a truly dominant and humiliating prize round. Today the winner doesn’t stop after the buzzer of the third round. She takes the loser right in the the prize round before the ref has even called it an official win. The Winner is so cocky, some dominant so horny she just takes her prize right then and there.


Exotic Wrestlers impose their will on each other. Aggressive wrestling

Milcah Halili has been doing very well this season. This match was shot before the rookie cup tournament and when Milcah was on a roll. Today we test her against one of the best, Izamar Gutierrez. Izamar is a powerhouse on the mat. She knows how to work girls over and make them cum. Today Milcah shows an impressive display of heart. She does get trapped on the mats a few times, left whimpering and panting like a bitch in heat but she reverses out of nearly every hold Izamar gets her in and puts Izamar into some hot water herself


Team Queen vs. Team Wrangler 2nd match up of the season

The Queens have been killing it in this Season’s Tag matches. They destroyed Team Wrangler round by round in the March Madness “Sexual Submission in the Mission” and now they are destroying Team wrangler match by match in the tag teams for season 11. Today’s Match has one vet with one rookie on each team and the strategy is the same for both teams; keep the rookie on the mat with the vet so she can get molested and sexually destroyed.

Mona Wales and Bella Rossi take on Penny Barber and Sasha Princess Banks. One of the rookies has an impressive showing today.

One thing is for sure: it is ALWAYS fun to see Bella Rossi vs. Penny Barber, These two have one of the best rubber match rivalries in US history.


Our Top Wrestler takes on the most Orgasmic wrestler! someone is bound to cum

Mistress Kara is arguably the best wrestler US has ever seen. She’s big, Tall Strong, skilled and she can sling a mean cock. Today she takes on Mia “Muscles” Li. Mia has shown some improvement since her first match but she still has a weakness for Orgasms on the mat. One wrestler gets Pinned and face-sat while she gets finger blasted. Orgams on the Mat, Nipple bitting, Lift and carries, deep french kissing, Tribbing for points. This match has it all.


Unbelievable match up. 5 star round 4 performance by the victor

Lea Lexis took out one of our most promising rookies in the lightweight tournament. ( see match 35050 http://www.ultimatesurrender.com/site/shoot.jsp?shootId=35050). She has moved on in the lightweight tournament and today she meets one of our most seasoned veterans, Wenona. Wenona has done over 30 matches for U/S while Lea has only done 4.

Lea Lexis HATES losing. She hates it more than anything in this world and she will do anything to win. She’s going to have to dig down deep to find what it takes to beat this vet. This match is back and forth action. Both girls get put in powerful holds that leave them squirming and gasping helplessly on the mat. The winner earns her victory today and verbally, sexually and physically dominates the loser. The Finger Fucking in Round 4 is Aggressive. The winner Ties the loser up with her own bands and fucks her hard whiles she verbally berates her. Loser must worship winner feet and pussy. This is one of the sexiest round 4s in US history.


Little Luna Light takes on the Giant Dildozer

Luna was Scheduled to take on Berretta James but Berretta broke a finger and could not make the match. Her replacement today is Elizabeth Thorn. Thorn is significantly larger than Luna Light. Actually all our wrestlers are significantly larger than Luna Light. Luna is the smallest girl we have ever had on the site. Dispite having such a huge height and weight advantage, Elizabeth Thorn isn’t able to score too many points on the little spit fire, Luna. Today you see heart from a little firecracker. The winner brutalizes the loser. Lots of facesit pins and humiliating typer writer bullying. The loser is fucked all over the mat with a cock that is about the size of half her leg.


Two feisty Rookies go at it. One Reigns Supreme. One Fucks the loser

Juliette March has has some impressive moments this season. She’s one of the smaller combatants on the roster but she packs a punch. This is Sasha Princess Banks first singles match for U/S. She’s shown some spunk in this season’s tag matches. These two girls are some of the scrappiest girls we have. They are both stubborn and horny.


May-Hem Tag Team

This match was intended to be in the series of “Team Queen” vs ” Team Wrangler”. A bout with Food Poisoning that comes on after round 1, puts one of our dear team wranglers out for the rest of the wrestling rounds which DQ’s this match for the series. Today you get an exhibition match.

Ariel X steps in to wrestle in place of Rilynn Rae. Ariel X and Bella Rossi are a dynamic Duo. Daisy Ducati and Elizabeth Thorn but up a damn good fight. Bella and Ariel dominate while they have their tags. They get so turned on my dominating the other wrestler that they start making out with each other and licking each other’s asses.


Jeze Belle gets a nice warm welcome to Ultimate Surrender from Bella Rossi

Jeze Belle has some wrestling experience from her days back in College. She will surprise some fans today as she takes on Bella Rossi. Bella has been impressive this season. She is one of our better light weight fighters and today she’s put to the test against a girl with a solid wrestling background. Jeze Belle hasn’t seen the mat in years but all her knowledge comes back to her fast. Collegel Wrestling doesn’t compare to sex wrestling. Not too many girls can say they’ve been trapped on the mats getting fingered while they try to fight back. This is a whole new ball game for Jeze Belle.


MILFs Mom’s I’d Like to Fight: Mini-tournament Who’s the baddest mom?

Today we have 3 of our best MILFS on the mat in a unique mini tournament. Dragon Lily is Back on the Mats with Penny Barber and Holly Heart. Each girl gets one round to prove herself against her opponent. If she wins she moves on to face the next opponent. This is a single elimination tournament. Once we have established who the best MILF is from the singles matches, We put the 2 losers against her in a 2 on 1 tag match round to show her a little humility. We have first, second and Third places but really everyone on Ultimate Surrender is a winner. Third Place gets gang banged DPed in the pussy and fisted. These Babes really are Mom’s I’d like to Fight.


LightWeight match up with two of the best shit Talkers

Lea Lexis and Alexis Aimes are two of the biggest shit talkers on US. But they can back up what their mouths say on the Mats. These girls have identical records of 2 wins and 1 loss each. Winner of this match moves on in the light weight division to take on Wenona. With Syd Blakovich on hiatus, the light weight division is wide open for a new Champion


Rookie is Sexually Destroyed on the Mat. Left in a puddle of shame

We have two Rookies in today’s match up. Rilynn Rae has 3 matches under and belt and 3 loses. Today she’s going up against another rookie. But this rookie is no push over. Layton Benton has a bit of a weight advantage. Rilynn is going to have to rely on skill today. Her amazon strength will be but to the test today. One of these Rookies proves to be sexually dominate. She forces orgasms on the mat then brutalizes her opponent in round four.


The 2 Best Rookies meet in the finals. Squirting orgasms in round 4

Daisy Ducati
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 130lbs
Season W/L: (4 – 1)
Lifetime W/L: (4 – 1)
Mia Li
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 125lbs
Season W/L: (2 – 2)
Lifetime W/L: (2 – 2)


Daisy Ducati and Mia Li have beat out all the other sex athletes in the Rookie Cup Tournament. No one expected Mia Li to make it this far in the tournament. She’s improved drastically since her debut match which was against Daisy ( see match 33909).
These wrestler are desparate to win and impose their sexual dominance on each other. Buzzer goes off but the Dominate wrestler pays not mind to the time limits. She rips an orgasm out of her opponent after the end of the round then fucks her good and hard until she Squirts all over the mat. GUSHING orgasms flow freely out of her wet sweaty pussy

Bad Ass Wrestlers trap Noobes on the mat and finger fuck the fuck out of them

This is the first installment of Team Wrangler vs. Team Queen. The Queens DESTROYED the wranglers in the March Madness Submission in the Mission Match up but today the Wranglers are taking the reins for the season.
Paris Lincoln was Pink Carded out of the tournament do to an injury from the march madness tournament. Her replacement is Isamar Guiterrez. Ella Nova is the other team wrangler wrestling tonight.
For Team Queeen we have Jayogen who is taking Juliette March’s place on Team Queen permanently. Sasha Princess Banks is the original Team Queen member wrestling for her team today.
Team Wrangler doesn’t make good use of their tags. Their strategy is easy to see from the get go. They keep Izamar out to do all the wrestling. She’s able to fight off Jayogen and Sasha for the first round but they start to wear her down. Each team takes advantage of the opposing rookie. Sasha and Ella are both trapped on the mats getting finger fucked to frustration.


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