Round 3 Tag Team Bella Rossi, Mischa Brookes vs. Darling, Rilynn Rae

Team Blue Pulled ahead at the end of round 2 with 1080 points to red’s 1031. Blue learned to use their tags wisely and Red is paying the price for it. The rookies are holding their own on the mats against the veterans and with each other. Never in the history of Ultimate Surrender have two rookies come in their first tag team matches and shown so much skill, determination and heart. The is an exciting match up and the score is dead even up until the final minute of this exciting round 3.


2 MMA trained babes bang it out on the mats in a sex wrestling match

Darling is an experienced Ultimate Surrender wrestler who trains multiple disciplines when she’s not on our mats. Adrianna Luna is an experienced MMA fighter with big dreams of showing porn sluts how real MMA fighters bang it out! Little does Adrianna know that Darling trains more than your average porn slut and knows our rules inside and out. Darling uses her mouthpiece to do some of the most memorable on-the-mat trash talking we’ve ever heard from her. It’s clear she really enjoyed dominating this particular gal especially since Darling sways away from her tried and true technique of catch and release before the 1:30 mark. In this match we get some rare submissions done by our Grappler, Darling. She hardly ever goes for submissions but she had something to prove today. She pulled out all the stops against this MMA babe. This match isn’t even close. Darling even finds a new ways to score style points in making her opponent worship her muscle while she immobilizes her. As if submitting to muscle domination and losing at a competitive wrestling match to a “porn slut” wasn’t bad enough, Darling take the humiliation one step further and demands Adrianna strap on and fuck HER. Darling needs to see if Luna can do *something* good because she certainly isn’t good at wrestling. What a treat for us viewers. We hardly see the winner get fucked and Darling sure deserved to get off after this match.


Round 2 Tag Team Bella Rossi, Mischa Brookes vs. Darling, Rilynn Rae

Team Red leads the board with 492 points to Blue’s 377. It’s still a close match and is anyone’s game at this point. Since the Rookies both started out on the mats in round 1, the veterans start out in round 2. But the Clash between the two titans doesn’t last long as they use their tags to get out of troublesome situations. The Rookies are picking up moves quickly and giving the vets a run for their money.


Round 1 Tag Team Bella Rossi, Mischa Brookes vs. Darling, Rilynn Rae

We have an exciting Tag team Match with Team Red ( Bella Rossi and Mischa Brookes) going up against Team Blue ( Darling and Rilynn Rae). This match up is pretty even with one vet and one rookie on each team. There’s a lot of Tension between the veterans on each team. In Season 8, Darling was robbed of her chance to move up to the finals when her match with Bella was stopped prematurely due to injury. Darling has been carrying a grudge ever since. Bella wants to prove once and for all that can whoop Darling’s ass any given day of the week. But for the first round each team captain ( the veterans) decided to let the rookies start out and prove themselves on the mats. The round is closely contested to the bitter end. The team with a better strategy for using tags ends up on top. With Ariel X stepping in for her first time on a tag match as Ref. Vendetta makes a Cameo appearance as co-ref.


Rain “Poison” Degrey vs Abbey “The Boss Cross” – Lightweight match up

Rain Degrey is the Veteran for this match. This is her 4th season and last season she started mopping the mats with rookies left and right. Abbey Cross is an athletic beauty with the heart of Gold and biceps of steel. Abbey is confident that her muscles will speak for themselves on the mats. Rain is Confident her Experience will help her prevail. With in the first few minutes Rain shows her dominance and gets her fingers deep into the rookies pussy solidifying the win. The boss whimpers in desperation but the Vet just won’t let up. The rookie learns quickly and does everything in her power to prevent Rain from getting those fingers inside her but it’s not enough. This time Rain gets to show Abbey “the Boss” Cross, who the boss really is in round 4. Rain skull fucks the rookie then cums on her face to put her in her place. Abbey sucks Rains Strap on and gets a brutal fucking she’ll never forget.


ROYAL MADNESS 12 girls, 2 teams, 1 score, one massive orgy.

Never released on the Ultimate Surrender site, this match was only available as a Kink on Demand download up until now. Today, for the first time ever, members get this epic shoot as an update! Because this shoot’s popularity and acclaim as a KOD were so massive, we had to take this shoot out of the archive and share it once again, this time on the U/S site for all the members! Now members get this legendary battle at no extra cost! Now members get to see a part of Ultimate Surrender history. Welcome to ROYAL MADNESS. The most ambitious, wrestling porn event ever filmed. Where 6 winners will fuck 6 losers in an epic orgy of rough, brutal sex! Two team Captains will take turns picking their wrestlers from a 10 girl pool. Playground rules until the last girl is picked. The teams are assigned colors and meet to work out a strategy. The Match starts with Team Blue putting the first girl on the mat. Team Red has 30 seconds to decide who will wrestle her. After the fight, Team Red puts a girl out and Team blue must decide who will wrestle. This repeats until all girls have wrestled. Each score is added to the overall team score, as the Captains use strategy to try and get the best match up on the mat for their team. In the end, the team with the overall highest score wins, and gets to brutally fuck the losing team in a massive 12 girl orgy gangbang. But that’s not all. On top of over an hour of intense non-scripted wrestling and a 12 girl rough sex orgy, we have included tons of bonus material! An extra 45 minutes of the orgy scene from 3 different camera angles!! Before and after wrestling, we have behind the scenes footage with the wrestlers and out takes.


6 girls fuck the losing tag team after they can’t continue

Team purple had pulled in a substitute wrestlers, Bryn Blain, in round 2 to fill in for Andre Shakti after an injury during round 1. The ass-whopping was so bad for Bryn that she couldn’t continue. Now with the original wrestler of team purple out on medical suspension from wrestling and the substitute wrestler down for the count, team purple has no other choice but to concede a loss, skipping round 3 and moving directed to round 4. Pink was in the lead after round 2 so they get to strap on cocks and fuck the losers who couldn’t continue. As if losing to 2 other wrestlers and getting fucked by them wasn’t bad enough, the two referees decide to step in and dogpile fuck the losers. The refs makes the losers to give sloppy blow jobs and get fucked hard with strapons and a full 5 finger fist. The Ref literally mops the floor with one of the losers after she squirts on the mats. Princess Donna , masterfully fists the two losers simultaneously while they please the victors with their faces.


Rookie Bella “The Wolf” Wilde vs. Rookie Alice “Killing” Frost

This is a Rookie vs. Rookie Match up. Bella Wilde has one US match already and is showing a lot of promise. Alice Frost is wrestling with US for the first time. Bella unleashes the Wolf and completely dominates her opponent from the start of the first round, putting her opponent in Brutal Back torture holds and getting a full mount position so strong that she is able to finger fuck her opponent and then shove the pussy juices into her opponents own mouth. Every time Bella gets a dominate position she howls with pleasure and the howls echo in the ears of her immobilized and helpless opponent. Alice doesn’t stand a chance against the Wolf. She is thrown around like a rag doll; physically and verbally beat down. When the embarrassment of “wrestling” the tough Bella Wilde is over, Bella Straps on a dick and verbally humiliates Alice in her Sexy German Accent. Bella fucks Alices ass and makes the Noobe suck the ass off the Strap on.


Tagteam with fresh meat! Wynona throws down and schools some bitches!

2 newcomers face off with the help of veterans Lyla and Wynona. Wynona is tough and scrappy and she is teaching her teammate Sahara to be the same way- they make a bad-ass duo. It’s a very close first round with the lovely Lyla showing Andre Shakti how to be cute and ruthless at the same time.


Rough Rider takes on the veteran Pistol in her first match

Sheena the “Rough Rider” is one tough bitch, but will her bravado be enough to take on the beautiful yet dangerous Beretta “the Pistol” James? These sluts play dirty and one of them ends up tasting her own asshole in round four. The loser gets relentlessly fucked in the face, pussy and ass until she is all used up. It sucks to lose!

Round 4 Team Black gets fucked and fisted

Berretta and Iona of team black are the losers and Bella and Serena of Team Red take what’s theirs!
With the help of the vicious and beautiful Princess Donna and Rain Degrey, the black team gets the pounding they deserve. Observe the human centipede!

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